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It was one of those rare, quiet evenings on Muir Island. Even rarer, Kitty was having it all to herself. Everyone was doing their own thing, on the mainland, or somewhere else. Brian and Meggan had gone to visit Betsy while she and Warren were on business in London. They had invited Kitty to go with them, but she turned them down. Instead, Kitty had opted to give some needed attention to the security systems. With a little help with her phasing--and being extremely careful not to come into contact with anything live--she was chest deep in gears, wires, and circuitry, and couldn't be happier.

Date: 2013-06-01 04:10 am (UTC)
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As far as he was concerned, all the computer systems were distracting enough for her. Unless she didn't mind pleasure getting into her workspace, he could work with that. As long as the welding torches were out of the way.

But Pete didn't look amused back as he pulled her out into the hall. "Because it's feels bloody weird and you know it." Though they both knew he complained far more than warranted anyway. He certainly had no issue with other uses for her phasing powers, but it was always the worst when she took him by surprise with phasing them through ceilings. Which was likely exactly why she did so.

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"Yeah yeah," he rolled his eyes. "And you save this arse because you like it." He smirked right back, with a bit of a leer thrown in.


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