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Player Name/Personal Journal: Jen ([personal profile] writerfangirl)
Email: Writerfangirl at gmail dot com
AIM: GeekforCoffee
Other Contact: NA
Character Name: Katherine Anne Pryde Wisdom
Character Journal: [personal profile] enduring_pryde
Physical Description: Tall, toned (more athletic than dancer looking nowadays), hazel eyes, long, brown hair that is often too wavy to do anything with, always smiling or smirking.
Age: 41 (but looks early thirties)
DOB: 12 February 1970
PB: Evangeline Lilly
Character Location/Home: London, England
Alignment: Hero
Relatives: Peter Winston Wisdom (husband), daughter, son, Carmen Pryde (father, deceased), Theresa "Terri" (mother), Samuel Prydeman (paternal grandfather, deceased), Chava Rosenoff (paternal great-aunt, deceased), Nina (aunt), Kenny (cousin)

Mutant ability: Kitty possesses the ability of phasing, that is to make her body intangible. This ability allows her to walk through solid objects, walk on air, make others and things intangible (the limit is unknown, but she once phased a giant planet killing bullet for months at a time). While phased, she has some minor resistance to psychics and she can see invisible beings. Her phasing can disrupt circuitry *see ability flaw* but with some concentration she can disrupt a person's circulatory system too, giving a person anywhere from a electric jolt to causing a stroke. With the training from over the years, she can phase any part of her body, while keeping the rest tangible.

Slower aging - This wasn't a natural ability, but came into being after Kitty phased with, essentially blended with, a bullet from Breakworld (it is unknown what other side effects might be occurring.)

Other abilities: Kitty possesses an aptitude for anything electronic, mechanical, or computer (programming, hacking, and repair). She used to spend her youth building and monkeying with electronic devices, computers, and really anything she can get her hands on (she is also a bit of a greasemonkey if there is a computer system involved.) She holds a masters in mechanical engineering, a masters in theoretical physics, and a Ph.D in both.

Kitty is a skilled dancer and gymnast

Due to possession and then being trained by Logan (some of the knowledge from the possession wore off), Kitty is skilled with a sword, martial arts, and can be rather stealthy (ie ninja).

Kitty has a genius level IQ


Weaknesses and Flaws:

Ability and physical flaws:

* She can only phase as long as she can breathe/hold her breath. If she is trying to phase through a dense piece of concrete, or metal wall, if she runs out of air she'll suffocate.

* Phasing through electrical devices will cause the devices to scramble and possibly break.

* The more dense the molecules, the more difficult it is for her to walk through something.

* Kitty is near-sighted and needs corrective lenses.

Character flaws:

*Survivor's guilt
*A history of clinical depression (she's currently on anti-depressants)
*Tends to bury emotions (especially anger and grief)--but she's learning to face her problems.
*Destructive temper (she's dealing with it)
*Past difficulty with emotional commitment
*Bad horror movies

Personality: Kitty (or Kat as she goes by now too) is easy going, has a good sense of humor, friendly, quick-witted, and can be cynical and dry-humored at times, too. She is passionate about her convictions and her family and friends, looking at them more like family than some of her actual blood relations. She's always been more mature for her age (this was more important when she was twelve going on sixteen; now she often acts younger than her nearly forty-two years.) Kitty can be emotional, especially when she has spent a great deal of time holding her emotions back (when she's over-taxed or drunk, especially.) She's very knowledgeable about pop culture, especially if it is Science Fiction or horror-related. Kitty can be a workaholic when she is working on a project, but she knows how to relax too.

Backstory: Kitty was born and raised in Deerfield, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago that is roughly 25 miles Northwest of the loop). For the first thirteen and a half years of her life, Kitty lived a relatively normal life. The only thing that separated her from her peers was her intelligence; she was taking advanced level courses. Her intelligence was something she did not mind flaunting about, either. For a while in the summer before her fourteenth birthday, she started experiencing massive headaches that would make her unable to think, much less partake in dance class (where the headaches would usually start).

It just so happened that this summer her parents relationship was at an all-time low. Because of this, they had already planned to separate. To ensure that Kitty would not feel that she was in the middle, they decided to send her to boarding school. She was lucky enough to have her parents send her to Professor Xavier's School of Gifted Youngsters in New York, instead of Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy in Snow Valley (but it was close).

Soon after the X-Men (with Xavier) met with Kitty's parents, they were ambushed by the Hellfire Club and taken into custody. Kitty was able to escape (by using her ability for the first time). She was able to find the X-Men who had been sent to find Alison Blaire (Jean, Scott, and Kurt), who came to her rescue and the rescue of the captured X-Men. Sometime later, Kitty joined the X-Men.

She went through intensive training and saw many interesting sights that many young teenage girls never get to see. However, at one point, Professor Xavier decided to place her with the New Mutants, a group of teenaged-Mutants who were now receiving training at the school. Kitty proved herself to the professor by taking on a threat (an alien being) that had managed to stow away with the X-Men on a return voyage from outer space.

In a battle in the Morlock tunnels with the Marauders, Kitty was injured by Harpoon (she took a harpoon to the back in an attempt to save Rogue) and got stuck being phased. It was only with the help of Doctor Doom was she able to become tangible once more.

Kitty, Kurt, and Piotr, after they were injured in the battle, were brought to Muir Isle to recover. While recovering, Kitty received some shocking news on the television: the X-Men had been slain in Dallas! It just so happened that on this day that she received the news, Kurt awoke from his coma.

A little while later, Kitty was tormented with a dream of the X-Men as actors in a movie, being directed by Professor Xavier, all unaware that what they were living was real. Also in this particular dream, Rachel was there. This dream was a message to both Kitty and Kurt (who had experienced the same dream) that she was coming back. The problem was she was wanted by the Omniversal Majestrix Opal Luna Saturnyne. She sent out Technet to track down Rachel and bring her back to her. Rachel rejoined Kitty and Kurt (who were now with Meggan and Brian Braddock) and fought the Technet. It was Rachel who had suggested that the five of them form Excalibur. Kitty was unsure, at first, but she could not think of anything else she could do since she now had nothing to return to back in the states, and thus Excalibur was born.

Excalibur did a lot of work with the British government, at both the local and the national level. They had an ally in a normal human inspector of Scotland Yard named Dai Thomas. Thomas helped them in more than a couple of binds. In the early couple of years, Excalibur had a very friendly relationship with the British governmental agency that was assigned to work with them: the Weird Happenings Organisation (W.H.O.).

With Excalibur, Kitty met a bitter git spook by the name of Pete Wisdom (He was also ten years her senior.) Wisdom antagonized Kitty like nobody else, but with time, she found herself falling in love with him. They were still getting close when Kitty was called by SHIELD to troubleshoot what was going wrong with their computer systems. She met a young man by the name Rigby Fallon, and while she didn't exactly have a crush on him, the feelings that she got for him did make her hesitate about her feelings for Pete. Upon returning to Excalibur, she broke off her relationship with Pete. Soon after, she returned to the X-Men with Kurt and Piotr.

Kitty spent a couple of years with the X-Men. After the death of her former lover and best friend Piotr Rasputin, Kitty left the X-Men again and went to live life as a normal civilian grad student person. Except for a couple of skirmishes here and there, she was successful in staying out of the superhero life. She worked as a bartender at Belles of Hell as she worked on two Masters degrees. It wasn't easy being a student, though. During this time, her father was killed on Genosha and Kitty had an emotional breakdown. She hurt a fellow student and was put on academic probation and made to see a therapist. She had success with her therapist and stayed in touch with her even after graduating.

Kitty returned to the X-Men, where she was soon reunited with Piotr, who wasn't as dead as she thought he was. They consummated their relationship and it looked like they were going to eventually get married, but not long after, Kitty saved the world by phasing into a earth-killing bullet. She remained in the bullet for almost five years, eventually being brought home by the aid of Magneto. Kitty didn't look any older than when she left and she didn't remember anything from the time she was in the bullet.

Piotr had moved on in her years away and she didn't feel like Westchester was home anymore. She relocated to England, rekindling her relationship with Pete Wisdom, and she worked with the British government and Captain Britain. She also worked on her Ph.Ds at Oxford. In 2001, she had a daughter with Wisdom and in 2002 they had a son.

In 2004, Kitty was hired on by SHIELD as a consultant for UK affairs, continuing going on missions for Captain Britain and the British government and going to the States for SHIELD business as well.


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