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It wasn't every day that Kitty was invited to Stark Tower. She could not hazard a guess why Tony Stark needed to speak with her--and his receptionist had been less than forthcoming with the details. The meeting was made for her earliest convenience--the Tuesday after her weekend spent at the Mansion. The weekend in question had gone quite well, if she did say so herself. No sudden attacks, no having to save the universe from some immediate threat, just peace and quiet time that she could spend with her family. Though she felt that peace and quiet, the pending meeting with Mr. Stark that was to follow left her feeling puzzled when she pondered it.

The only times she had actually met the man happened some years ago when she was an X-Man, and then later on when she was with Excalibur. They each had some sort of connection to SHIELD, but she wagered that he saw more of them than she did. She would make her monthly reports and a handful of times during the year she would speak to one of the field operatives, or Director Fury himself, but that was the extent of that. This was a tad out of the norm, which left Kitty feeling even more curious.

Kitty arrived to the Tower's lobby ten minutes before the meeting time. She was wearing a dark blue drape front taffeta dress and gold colored three inch heels. She had left her hair down, but she had smoothed out some of its unruly waves while she was getting ready. She rarely had an occasion to dress up in such a way, and she thought this meeting might call for it.

"Katherine Wisdom to see Mr. Stark," she told the receptionist. The woman directed her to sit, but Kitty opted to stand at the far end of the counter, letting her eyes drift over the door she presumed that she would be entering. She crossed her arms, fidgeted, and shifted her gold bangle around her wrist.


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